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We care on your connection needs. Launching the CONKAB

  • Any Length from 50mm to 1,00,000mm
  • Wide Range of Colours
  • Any type of Lugs
  • 15mm. Std. Heat Shrink / PVC Sleeve
  • 15mm. Four characters in one ferrule (W/Y)
  • Automatic Wire Cutting / Stripping / Power Crimping can give you 8,000 CONKABS a day
  • Whatever you want? Wherever you want? You have TAILOR MADE CONKAB


Advantages Using CONKAB

  • Easy to Connect
  • Time Saving (approx. 70% in panel wiring)
  • Rigidity of lugs because of Power Crimping
  • Crimping Strength Proved through Pull Test
  • Wire size from 0.5mm to 6 sq mm
  • Highly Economical
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Uniformity
  • No wastage
  • Easy & Convenient to eyes